Civil War Petitions

Conflict, Welfare and Memory during and after the English Civil Wars, 1642 - 1710

The English Civil Wars were a time of terrible conflict. In England and Wales alone, a greater proportion of the population died in the Civil Wars than in the First World War. For those who survived, thousands suffered from terrible injuries whilst wives, children and other family members faced daily struggles as a result of bereavement.

During and after the Civil Wars, wounded soldiers, war widows and other military family members submitted petitions to the state for financial relief.

Civil War Petitions is a fully-searchable digital edition of over 4,000 petitions for relief from maimed soldiers and war widows. It includes the accompanying certificates from military commanders, medical practitioners and local communities in support of their cases. There are additional details of tens of thousands of names of those who received military welfare for injuries and bereavement sustained during the Civil Wars in all English and Welsh counties.

The material is organised by county with ten counties currently online. Four more will be added every quarter until completion in June 2021.

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