The petition of John Johnson of Gawsworth, Cheshire, Michaelmas 1658

<{Cou}nty of Chester>

To the Right Wor[shipfu]ll the Justices of Peace at Middlewiche assembled

The humble Petic[i]on of John Johnson of Gawseworth w[i]thin the said County Husbandman

<{H}umbly sheweth>

That yo[u]r Petic[i]on[e]r was a foote sould[ie]r in the late Parliam[en]ts service vnder the Com[m]and of Capt[ain] John Leadbeater and was wounded in the Arme at Farnedon whi in the said service, by reason whereof hee is vnable to gett his owne liveinge And that this Court was pleased heretofore to admitt him as a Penc[i]oner & had allowed him thereby Twenty shillinges by the yeare but since hath beene reduced to Thirteene shillinges fower pence by the yeare w[hi]ch will not by much in any smalle manner support or vphold his necessitous Condic[i]on,

May yt therefore please yo[u]r wor[shi]ps to increase yo[u]r Petic[i]on[e]rs Penc[i]on & allowe him the sum of Forty shillinges by the yeare, or such other sume yearely as may seeme most meete to yo[u]r Judgm[en]ts & to support yo[u]r Petic[i]on[e]r in his want & necessity, And the rather because the [illegible] truith of the pr[e]misses does more fully appe[ar] by the Certificate herevnto annexed

And yo[u]r Petic[i]on[e]r as in duty bound will ever pray &c


Key Facts

Date of petition


Name of petitioner

John Joneson

Type of petitioner

Maimed Soldier

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

Authority petitioned

  • Quarter Sessions
    Middlewich (Middlewich Parish), Cheshire

Outcome of petition

  • Unsuccessful

Petition signature


Further information in this petition

Events mentioned

  • Battle of Holt Bridge, 9 November 1643

Places mentioned

  • There are no known places

People mentioned

Archive information


Cheshire Archives and Local Studies

Shelf mark

QJF 86/3, fol. 134