The petition of Harry Prees of Llanllechid, Carnarvonshire, 1660

<Carn[ar]von s[ession]s>

To the Right wor[shipfu]ll the Justices of the peace for the sayd Countie

The humble pettic[i]on of Harry Prees of Llanllechid,

Humbly sheweth that he heartofore in the tyme of the Raigne of the late kinge Charls ou[e]r England &c was pressed out of the sayd p[ar]ish for a Souldier for his sayd Late Ma[jes]ties Service to the warrs then in Scotland, and after to the warrs in England and hath bin[n]e att severall Battls to witte att Edge=hill, WhitChurch and elswhere in England whear he receiued seu[e]rall hurts & wounds as by the marks & scars he beares and by the Certificatte annexed doth app[er]e.

Humbly beseechinge yo[u]r wor[shi]pps to Comisserat his poore estate and Condicc[i]on and to admitte him as a penc[i]on[e]r to haue and receaue quartly a Considerable som[m]e out of the Maymed Souldiers Mize for his refeefe and yo[u]r pettic[i]on[e]r will ever praye &c.

Key Facts

Date of petition


Name of petitioner

Harry ap Rees

Type of petitioner

Maimed Soldier

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

Authority petitioned

  • Quarter Sessions
    Carnarvon, Carnarvonshire

Outcome of petition

  • Unknown

Petition signature


Further information in this petition

Events mentioned

  • Battle of Edgehill, 23 October 1642
    Assault on Whitchurch, 29 to 30 May 1643

Places mentioned

  • Scotland

People mentioned

  • There are no known people

Archive information


Caernarfon Record Office (Gwynedd Archives)

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