The petition of William Dolman, Garrison of Gloucester, undated

{To} the Honorable Gou[er]nor and Councell of warre at Glouc[ester]: the humble {pe}tition of William D{?o}lman, chaplain to Coll[onel] Alexander Popham.


{That} your petitioner for ­puttinge in execution an ordinance of p[ar]liam[en]t concerning Images and curtesy to the high alter at Oxford had his study and chamber­ {w}holly {r}ifled, and was forced to fly to the p[ar]liam[en]t for safety of his life, {illegible} {illegible}ce he marched with the L[or]d Generall and was with him at Edgehill, {and} afterward at Windsor, and thence com[m]inge to his father in Sommersetshire became Chaplaine­ to Coll[onel] Alexander Popham, and also receiued a com[m]ission from the state for the cure of his regiment, w[i]th whom he hath beene in all service dureinge the life and beinge of that Regiment, and beinge left by him w[i]th his mother in Bristol when he advaunced with S[i]r William Waller to London, thence yo[u]r petitioner remayned vntill Bristol was deliuered vp to his Ma[jes]ties Army. And beinge, contrary to the Couenants, com[m]einge out of Bristoll inhumanely vsed & rifled of his horses and goodes he was disabled to march with the gouernor of Bristole to London: And your petitioner hath since liued secretly, waitinge for an opportunity to gett vp to his Coll[onel] But was still discouraged to vndertake the iourney by reason the lord Hoptons army lay betweene. And your petitioner haueinge receiued a message from his father now beinge in Glouc[ester] repaired hither; And p[re]sumes to acquaint {you}r honour with his distresse, beinge destitute of money and cloathes & other provisions (the kings armyes now possesseinge of his spirituall liueinge 150 li. p[er] ann[um] in the County of Dorsett, and haueinge taken away all his fathers estate whereby he is disabled to helpe himselfe and me yo[u]r petitioner to things convenient

Wherefore yo[u]r petitioner doth humbly desire the charitable respect of yo[u]r hono[u]rs {for} his releife vntill he may with safety repaire to his Coll[onel] and yo[u]r {peti]tioner is ready to execute any service you shall com[m]aund him with {the} armyes or elcewhere And he shall ever be thankefull for any {illegible} shewed him herein; and ever pray for yo[u]r

Honour safty and p[ro]sperity &c

{Mr Tre}asurer pay to this Petitioner fiue pownds {to fur}nish him with necessaryes: 5 li.

Edw[ard] Massie

Key Facts

Date of petition

Date Unknown

Name of petitioner

William Dolman

Type of petitioner

Maimed Soldier

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

No known injuries or ailments

Authority petitioned

  • Military Commander
    City and County of Gloucester

Outcome of petition

  • Successful
  • Gratuity £5.0s.0d.
    Pension No Pension
    Frequency No Pension

Petition signature


Further information in this petition

Events mentioned

  • Assault on Bristol, 26 July 1643

Places mentioned

  • Oxford, Oxfordshire
  • Windsor (Windsor Parish), Berkshire
  • London (capital of England)

People mentioned

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The National Archives

Shelf mark

TNA, SP 28/228/II, fol. 358