The petition of Thomas Crocker of St James, Somerset, undated

To the right Wor[shipfu]ll the Justices of the peace now assembled in Sessions at Wells for the county of Som[er]s[e]t

The humble petic[i]on of Thomas Crocker of St James


That yo[u]r pet[itione]r was ever faithfull & serviceable vnto the State & hath manifested the same as a Souldier in the seiges of Taunton vnder the com[m]aund of Capt[ain] Roger Howe, in w[hi]ch service yo[u]r pet[itione]r rec[eived] a shott in the left arme & hand from the enemy, whereby hee is totally maymed & consequently for ever disenabled to get maintenance for himselfe his wife & 3 Children And yo[u]r pet[itione]r alsoe sheweth, that in regard he could not labour & had no other way to get maintenance, he form[er]ly used to sell beere in his dwelling house house & was never taxed for any disorder com[m]itted during the time he sold beere

But soe it is may it please yo[u]r Wor[shi]pps that yo[u]r pet[itione]r as he vnderstands is now Indited for the same, whereby he is likely for ever to be vndone vnles yo[u]r Wor[shi]pps be now pleased to extend the eye of pitty & compassion towards him.

May it therefore please yo[u]r Wor[shi]pps to consider the pr[e]misses & the distressed condic[i]on of yo[u]r poore pet[itione]r & with a tender respect therevnto you would extend mercy to yo[u]r pet[itione]r for the same that soe yo[u]r pet[itione]r & his poore family may not p[er]ish, p[ro]missing never to offend in the like manner for the future for w[hi]ch favo[u]r

Yo[u]r pet[itione]r as in duty bound shall ever pray &c

Key Facts

Date of petition

Date Unknown

Name of petitioner

Thomas Croker

Type of petitioner

Maimed Soldier

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

Authority petitioned

  • Quarter Sessions
    Wells, Somerset

Outcome of petition

  • Unknown

Petition signature


Further information in this petition

Events mentioned

  • Siege of Taunton, 23 September to 14 December 1644
    Siege of Taunton, 11 March to 11 May 1645
    Siege of Taunton, 20 May to 3 July 1645

Places mentioned

  • There are no known places

People mentioned

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Somerset Heritage Centre

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SHC, Q/Spet1 (Part 2), no. 127