The petition of the maimed soldiers of Pownall Fee, Cheshire, 3 October 1660

<County of Chester>

Octob[e]r the 3d 1660

To the right wor[shipfu]ll the Justices of peace of our sovraigne lord the King assembled at their q[uar]ter sessions at Nether Knotsford

The Humble petic[i]on of Richard Alcocke William Gibbon John Gibbon John Goodier William Higinson Thomas Henshaw John Harrison John Millington, Richard Goppocke Humphrey Peirson John Worrall and William Dickson souldiers who served vnder the Com[m]and of Col[one]l Thomas Leigh of Adlington in August 1659

<Humbly sheweth>

That your petit[i]oners in the moneth of August aforesaid were hyred to serve as trained souldiers vnder the Comand of the afores[ai]d Col[one]l Leigh for Pownall Fee w[i]thin the Hundred of Maclesfield w[i]thin the County aforesaid. That your petic[i]on[e]rs at the same tyme Contracted w[i]th the Constables of the afforesaid Fee and the Maijor part of the inhabitants that every souldier aforemenc[i]oned should receive [illegible] Foure pownds foure shillings for his wages to goe vpon the then p[re]sent service. w[hi]ch in all amounts vnto the sume of 52 li. viii s. out of w[hi]ch said sume your petic[i]oners have received the sume of viii li. viii s. soe that there remained due to your petic[i]oners from the Fee of Pownall aforesaid 44 li. vpon the Contract aforesaid besides the Charge of their imprisonm[en]t w[hi]ch s[ai]d sume of money was promissed to be paid to your petic[i]on[e]rs by the Constables and Inhabitants of the Fee afores[ai]d that the inhabitants aforesaid allthough they promissed as a foresaid refuse to pay your petic[i]on[e]rs what is Justly due to them as aforesaid and [illegible] your petic[i]on[e]rs most or all of them being poore men not able to take their remedie at Law to sue for the same.

The pr[e]misses tenderly considered may it please yo[u]r wor[shi]ps to grant your order to your poore petic[i]on[e]rs that they may receive from the inhabitants w[i]thin Pownall Fee aforesaid vpon a generall charge their arreares Justly due to them vpon the Contract aforesaid and your petic[i]on[e]rs as in duty bound shall ever pray &c

Key Facts

Date of petition

3 October 1660

Name of petitioner

Richard Alcocke

Type of petitioner

Maimed Soldier

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

Authority petitioned

  • Quarter Sessions
    Knutsford (Knutsford Parish), Cheshire

Outcome of petition

  • Unknown

Petition signature


Further information in this petition

Events mentioned

  • Skirmish at Winnington Bridge, 19 August 1659

Places mentioned

  • There are no known places

People mentioned

Archive information


Cheshire Archives and Local Studies

Shelf mark

QJF 88/3, fol. 40