The petition of Symon ap William Lewis of Carnarvon, Carnarvonshire, 8 January 1661

To the right wor[shipfu]ll the K[ing]s Ma[jes]t[y]s Justices of the peace of the County of Carn[ar]von att the gen[er]all sess[ion]s of the peace held att Carn[ar]von the viiit day of January 1660.

The humble petic[i]on of Symon ap William Lewis of Caern[ar]von.


That yo[u]r pet[itione]r in february in the yeare of our lord God 1644. among diverse others of this County was pressed for a soldier att Carn[ar]von to serue in his late Ma[jes]t[y]s warre & to March towards Wrexham. And being comeing thither hee further was appointed to advance into his Ma[jes]t[y]s Army into England & part of Southwales where yo[u]r pet[itione]r was in contynuall service & duties of a private soldier in S[i]r John Owens newe regiment vntill the moneth of June followeing 1645. yo[u]r pet[itione]r beinge in ye kings Army afore Leicester when the same was taken by the kings p[ar]tie, was there by the Enemye shott wounded & disfigured in his face & sore hurt cutt & maymed in diverse p[ar]tes of his bodie besides. That yo[u]r pet[itione]r hath eu[er] since bin sickly crasie & in a great measure disabled to earne his living And as hee groweth in yeares soe in health hee is thereby the more impaired & impotent much like to suffer want in his more elder yeares.

In Comiserac[i]on of w[hi]ch his condic[i]on & to adde to his subsistence & comfort. May it please your wor[shi]ps out of yo[u]r charitable goodnes to allowe him yo[u]r pet[itione]r an yearely pension out of ye Maymed soldiers mize in this County And to liste him acordingly. And yo[u]r pet[itione]r will eu[er] pray &c

Key Facts

Date of petition

8 January 1661

Name of petitioner

Simon ap William Lewis

Type of petitioner

Maimed Soldier

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

Authority petitioned

  • Quarter Sessions
    Carnarvon, Carnarvonshire

Outcome of petition

  • Unknown

Petition signature


Further information in this petition

Events mentioned

  • Assault on Leicester, 30 to 31 May 1645

Places mentioned

  • Wrexham (Wrexham Parish), Denbighshire

People mentioned

Archive information


Caernarfon Record Office (Gwynedd Archives)

Shelf mark

XQS 1660/143