The petition of Richard Poulson of Middlewich, Cheshire, Michaelmas 1660

To the Right Wor[shi]pfull the Commission[e]rs for the Militia for the County Palat[ine] of Chester

The humble Petic[i]on of Richard Poulson of Midlewich in the County abouesayd, Labourer.

Humbly sheweth

That yo[u]r Petic[i]oner att your Wor[shi]ps ingageinge att Wynington Bridge was there a souldier vnder the Comaund of Col[one]l Henry Manwaringe and hyred by Thomas William Powdrell of Neither Peavor for that Township who ingaged himselfe in the behalfe of the Township to pay yo[u]r Petic[i]on[e]r a summ of Money in hand which he did accordingly, And did further contract with your Petic[i]oner, that if yo[u]r petic[i]oner were shott or Maymed he should be Maintained att the Charg of the s[ai]d Townsh[i]p it pleased god your Petic[i]oner was shott at that skirmish  to the great danger of his liffe and lay vnder the surgeons hand for many weeks together not being Able to moue without Crutches nor to get any thing towards the releife of his wiffe and Children & hath binn at great Charg to satisfie the surgeons for their paines and still is & like for to be in regard the wound is not yet cured.

May it therefore please yo[u]r Worpsh[i]ps to take the Condic[i]on of your poore Petic[i]oner into yo[u]r serious Considerac[i]ons and graunt forth yo[u]r order that Thomas William Powdrell & the Rest of the Townsh[i]p may pay [illegible] Allow & make your Petic[i]oner such satisfaction as you in yo[u]r wisdomes shall think meet & your Petic[i]oner will ever pray &c

<That your Petition[e]r came wounded from ye skirmish is attested by Rich[ard] Bowker clerke>

Peter Attwoodd

Bernard Perivall

George Pearsonn

John Whishall

William Pinckston

Pether Pinckston

Wee whose names are here written certefie the truth hereof

Robe[r]t Mainwearinge

John Amson

Thomas Whittingham

W: Yates                          William Seaman

Edward Lowe                 Thomas Amerie             Raphe Venables

Hugh Page                       Thomas Poole

Key Facts

Date of petition


Name of petitioner

Richard Poulson

Type of petitioner

Maimed Soldier

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

Authority petitioned

  • Quarter Sessions
    Knutsford (Knutsford Parish), Cheshire

Outcome of petition

  • Unknown

Petition signature


Further information in this petition

Events mentioned

  • Skirmish at Winnington Bridge, 19 August 1659

Places mentioned

  • Lower Peover (Great Budworth Parish), Cheshire

People mentioned

Archive information


Cheshire Archives and Local Studies

Shelf mark

QJF 88/3, fol. 39