The petition of Mary Rogers of Holt, Denbighshire, 31 March 1668

To the right Wor[shipfu]ll his Ma[jes]ties Justices of Peace for the Countie of Denbigh.

The humble Petic[i]on of Mary Rogers al[ia]s Cooke of Holt widd[ow] the relict of Thomas Cooke of Holt late deceased.

Sheweth That yo[u]r poore Petic[i]oners s[ai]d late husband was a souldier for his late Ma[jes]tie vnder the Com[m]and of Colonell John Robinson, in w[hi]ch service hee was maymed, having received three cutts in his head & one in his Arme & was neu[er] of the other p[ar]tie. That therefore vpon his Petic[i]on & in further considerac[i]on of his pou[er]tie & his great charge having a wife & many small children, Itt pleased the Justices to graunt him a Penc[i]on of xx s. p[er] Ann[um] w[hi]ch hee hath received for many yeares. That yo[u]r poore Petic[i]oner is now left desolate, having three small children & nothing to releive them w[i]thall.

Yo[u]r poore Petic[i]oner therefore humbly praies, That yo[u]r Wor[sh]ipps wil bee pleased to commiserate her sadd condic[i]on & to graunt & allow vnto her, the s[ai]d yearely Penc[i]on, towards the releife of her selfe & her s[ai]d small children, And yo[u]r Petic[i]oner will daily pray for yo[u]r wor[sh]ipps helth & happines long to continue.

<This Petitioner Thomas Cooke serued his Ma[jes]ty vnder my Com[m]and and I hope it may be thought reasonable to allow his Pension towards the maintenance of his wife & Childeren.>

<dated this 8th Jan[uary] 1667/8.>

<Jo[hn] Robinson>

<31 March 1668 that the widdow receave the same penc[i]on.>

Key Facts

Date of petition

31 March 1668

Name of petitioner

Mary Rogers

Type of petitioner

War Widow

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

No known injuries or ailments

Authority petitioned

  • Quarter Sessions
    Denbigh (Denbigh Parish), Denbighshire

Outcome of petition

  • Successful
  • Gratuity £0.0s.0d.
    Pension 20s
    Frequency Annual

Petition signature


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National Library of Wales

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Chirk Castle MS B24b/6/1