The petition of Mary Nuttol of Elton, Lancashire, 28 April 1653

<Aprill 28th 1653>

To the Right Wor[shipfu]ll the Justice of Peace and Quoru[m] now sitting the Sessions of Peace at Wigan Manchester these

The humble petic[i]on of Mary Nuttoll wiffe of Tho[mas] Nuttoll of Eltne in Bury parish sheweth:

That y[ou]r wor[shi]ps pet[itione]rs husband Thomas Nuttoll now is (for ought shee knoweth) and hath bine this 3 years a Sould[ie]r For the States Service in Scotland vnd[e]r Leiffeten[an]t Col[onel] Worsley: and that y[ou]r wor[shi]ps pet[itione]r hath bine very sore p[er]plexed this 2 years w[i]th sicknes and want of the vse of her limbs and soe continueth ever longer weaker and febler, And further to augm[en]t her sorrow her husband being gone all her lyvelyhood is gone: shee haveing neither any thing to mantayne her vpon nor any releiffe from him: insoemuch that her miserable condic[i]on is such that w[i]thout w[i]thout [sic.] speedy assistance w[i]th releiffe shee is lykely shortly to p[er]ish.

Wherefore shee humbly prayeth (the pr[e]misses Considered) that y[ou]r wor[shi]ps wil bee pleased in Compassion to Order some releiffe For her pr[e]sent wants either by order or otherwise as in y[ou]r serious wisdomes wil bee the most agreeable to y[ou]r contents And as obliged y[ou]r pet[itioner] will ever pray for y[ou]r wor[shi]ps healths & eternall hapienes

Ch[urchwardens] & Ou[erseers] to consider

Key Facts

Date of petition

23 April 1653

Name of petitioner

Mary Nuttoll

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ailments experienced

No known injuries or ailments

Authority petitioned

  • Quarter Sessions
    Manchester (Manchester Parish), Lancashire

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  • Unknown

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  • Scotland

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