The petition of Joane Small of Cheadle, Cheshire, Michaelmas 1657

To the right Wor[shipfu]ll Justic[e]s of the peace for this County of Chester now mett at the Quarter Sessions held at Knotsford for this sayd Countie.

<The humble Petition {o}f Joane Small of Cheadle widow.>

Sheweth, that vpon yo[u]r petic[i]on[e]rs humble complaint heretofore pr[e]sented at a Quarter sessions held at Knutsford aboue menc[i]oned in the yeare 1649, touching her deplorable condic[i]on, by reason of her husbands death who was late theretofore slaine in the p[ar]liam[en]ts service of Middlewich & left her then fiue small Children & nothing to maintayne them: It was then ordered by that ho[noura]ble Bench then sitting that yo[u]r petic[i]on[e]r should receiue from the hands of Colonell Leigh then one of the Tre[asur]ers for this County, as well the sume of xx s. in hand as also the sume of 3 li. yearely at eu[er]y sessions afterwards by equall porc[i]ons till further order, as by the Order then made (w[hi]ch yo[u]r petic[i]on[e]r hath in readines to shew) it may truely appeare.

Now Forasmuch as yo[u]r petic[i]on[e]r hath heard & doth beleeue that there are or wil be some attempts to nullifye the sayd order at this pr[e]sent sessions not w[i]thstanding yo[u]r petic[i]on[e]rs condic[i]on is very sad, she having yet vppon her hands, three small children & nothing to maintaine them; neither hath she form[er]ly (vntill of late) receiued 3 li. yearely as it was appointed but hath oftentimes beene depriued of the greatest p[ar]te thereof & sometimes rec[eive]d but 2 s. in stead of xx s.

Yo[u]r pet[itione]r therefore humbly praieth that the sayd Order so form[er]ly made as abouesayd; & the yearely sume payable thereby may be farther ratified & Continued by this ho[noura]ble Bench at least vntill she haue brought vp (or be disburthened of the charge of maintayneing) her s[ai]d little children

And as in duty bound so will she eu[er] pray &c

<Being the pet[itione]rs neighbours We whose names are herevnder written make bold to c[er]tifye that we know the trueth of the narratiue aboue written, & desire yo[u]r wor[shi]ps good Considerac[i]on thereof & condescenc[i]on to the petic[i]on[er]>

Allexander Wood

William Fallowes

William Wood

William Browne

Josiah [?Beicey]             Thomas Bennett

Rodger Massier

W[illia]m Thomson


<a reviewinge>

Key Facts

Date of petition


Name of petitioner

Joane Smalle

Type of petitioner

War Widow

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

No known injuries or ailments

Authority petitioned

  • Quarter Sessions
    Knutsford (Knutsford Parish), Cheshire

Outcome of petition

  • Unsuccessful

Petition signature


Further information in this petition

Events mentioned

  • First Battle of Middlewich, 13 March 1643
    Second Battle of Middlewich, 26 December 1643

Places mentioned

  • There are no known places

People mentioned

Archive information


Cheshire Archives and Local Studies

Shelf mark

QJF 85/3, fol. 154