The petition of Jenet Pearson of Brockall in Hardhorn, Lancashire, Easter 1650

To the Right worshipfull the Justices of peace at Preston in Amoundernes.

The humble petic[i]on of Jenet Pearson of Brockall in Hardhorne widdow


That where yo[u]r poore petic[i]oners late husband John Pearson of Brockall in Hardhorne aforesaid was in his life tyme a listed souldier vnder Captayne Richard Davie for the Parliament and in seruice both att Laithome & Boulton in the Moores and after the said Battaile at Bolton came home where he staied but a small tyme but was taken by the aduerse party and carryed to this Towne of Preston & imprisoned for takeing part with the said Parliament. And haueing A Tenemente vnder Thomas Singleton of Staning Esquire did Make out of his lease an Assignment vnto John & Richard Thomasson sonnes of yo[u]r peti[i]coner by a former husband for their father which said Children with yo[u]r peticoner are turned & cast out of the said Tenemente by James Pearson of Brockall aforesaid husbandman sonne of the said John Pearson yo[u]r Peticoners late husband by a former wyfe a delinquent and one that not onelie hath taken a way the said Tenemente which should haue Maintained me and fiue small Children but also all my goodes till it came to my beds where my said Children did lye on & conerted [sic.] them to his owne vse, soe that I haue nothing neither to relieue my selfe nor these fiue small fatherles Children but what god and good people bestowe on me. And now in this my extremitie I am enforced to sue in the Chancery vnder forma paupis for my said Childrens portions and mantenaunce. Maie it please yo[u]r worships to call the said James Pearson before you and examine him vpon oath what is become of the said John Pearson and wherefore hee hath thus abused me and my said fiue Children to leaue vs destitute of meanes and relefe where both them & I am like to starue & famish vnlesse yo[u]r worships will vse some lawfull course & way to redresse it which I hope yo[u]r worships will doe & take into your consideration. And your peticoner as in dutie bounden will euer pray for yo[u]r worships healthe & happines.

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Jenet Pearson

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No known injuries or ailments

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  • Quarter Sessions
    Preston (Preston Parish), Lancashire

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  • Unknown

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  • Siege of Lathom House, 27 February to 27 May 1644
    Assault on Bolton, 28 May 1644

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  • There are no known places

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Lancashire Archives

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