The petition of Gabriell Burrowes of Stert, Wiltshire, 23 April 1661

To the Right Wor[shipfu]ll his Ma[jes[t[y’]s Justices of Peace at the gen[er]all Quarter Sessions of the Peace holden at the Devizes the 23th day of Aprill Anno D[o]m[ini] 1661:

The humble Petic[i]on of Gabriell Burrowes of Stert in the Countie of Wiltes[hire].

Humbly sheweth That whereas yo[u]r Pet[itione]r was a foote souldier in Ireland in the late kings Ma[jes]t[y’]s Army there, vnder the Com[m]aund of Major Baynton in Col[one]l Pauletts Regim[en]t, by the space of a yeare & a halfe: And then yo[u]r Pet[itione]r came over into England; And from thenceforth vntill Naseby fight he continued a souldier in the said late Kings Army in Coll[onel] Longs Regim[en]t, & was the eldest Corporall on Col[one]l Longs owne Troope of horse.

In w[hi]ch seu[er]all services, yo[u]r Pet[itione]r did not onely vndergoe many hardshipps, but alsoe received divers daungerous wounds, As namely a Cutt in his head at Rowden house, w[hi]ch caused 16 splynters to be taken out of his head. Alsoe another Cutt in his head at Auborne Chase. Alsoe a wound w[i]th a sword in his Ribbs 6 inches deepe at Newbery fight. And a Cutt in his head when they were routed neere vnto Steeple Ashton.

In all w[hi]ch as alsoe at divers other tymes in his said service, yo[u]r Pet[itione]r did not onely hazard his life & fortunes, but alsoe was often ymprisoned by the contrary Party, whereby he spent & consumed all that he had, to ye vtter vndoing of himselfe his wife & children, And is now become vnable to strive in the world to mayntayne himselfe & his Charge by his labour as in tyme past.

yo[u]r Pet[itione]r humbly prayeth yo[u]r Wor[shi]pps to be pleased to graunt him a yearely Penc[i]on, such as in yo[u]r Wisdomes you shall thinke fitt, To be paid vnto him by one of ye Treasurers of this Countie. And yo[u]r Pet[itione]r shall ever pray for yo[u]r Wor[shi]pps health & happynesse &c

George Gedisbrough

Tho[mas] Clarke

William Dawson

Richard Pierce

allow ii li. p[er] ann[um] out of ye North p[ar]te

Key Facts

Date of petition

23 April 1661

Name of petitioner

Gabriell Burrowes

Type of petitioner

Maimed Soldier

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

Authority petitioned

  • Quarter Sessions
    Devizes, Wiltshire

Outcome of petition

  • Successful
  • Gratuity £0.0s.0d.
    Pension £2.0s.0d.
    Frequency Annual

Petition signature


Further information in this petition

Events mentioned

  • Assault on Rowden House, March 1643
    Skirmish at Albourne Chase, Wiltshire, 16 September 1643
    Battle of Newbury, 20 September 1643
    Skirmish at Steeple Ashton, March 1645

Places mentioned

  • Ireland

People mentioned

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Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre

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