The petition of Elizabeth Clarke of Macclesfield, Cheshire, Trinity 1658

To the ho[noura]ble Bench at the Gen[er]all Sessions

The humble petition of Elizabeth Clarke of Macclesfield widow

humbly sheweth

That yo[u]r petition[e]rs late husband Christpher Clarke was a Souldier in the late warr vnder the Com[m]and of Capt[ai]n John Leadbeater and was slaine at Hoult, and yo[u]r petition[e]r (being a desolate widow with a poore diseased child vpon her hand) had a yearely pension of Fortie shillings allowed her w[hi]ch was paid her quarterly for some few yeares after but the order whereby it was graunted was afterwards lost at another Sessions where it was shewed to the Bench and she could not gett it againe.
Since w[hi]ch tyme Tenne shillings of yo[u]r petition[e]rs yearely pension hath beene kept backe, with a p[ro]mise from the Bench, that if need required it should be added againe w[hi]ch neu[e]r yet was done

May it therefore please this ho[noura]ble Bench to take yo[u]r poore petition[e]rs case into yo[u]r pyous and Charitable considerac[i]on yo[u]r petition[e]r herself growing into yeares is very dimme of sight and can gett very smale towards a liuelyhood and her poore child, disease (being the evill) doth soe farre grow vpon her that she is not able to worke insomuch that yo[u]r petition[e]r hath beene constrained to sell those smale necessaryes in her house to relieue her poore child in her necessity

The pr[e]miss[e]s considered yo[u]r petition[e]r humbly prayes that this ho[noura]ble Bench will be pleased to Order yo[u]r petition[e]r her whole pension in regard of her childs great weaknes

And she shal bee engaged to pray &c

Key Facts

Date of petition


Name of petitioner

Elizabeth Clerk

Type of petitioner

War Widow

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

No known injuries or ailments

Authority petitioned

  • Quarter Sessions
    County of Cheshire (exact location undefined/uncertain)

Outcome of petition

  • Unknown

Petition signature


Further information in this petition

Events mentioned

  • Battle of Holt Bridge, 9 November 1643

Places mentioned

  • There are no known places

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Archive information


Cheshire Archives and Local Studies

Shelf mark

QJF 86/2, fol. 128