The petition of Anne Haworth of Shuttleworth, Lancashire, Epiphany 1653

To the Right Wor[shipfu]ll the Justices of ye peace & Quor[um] for ye Countie of Lancaster at theire Sessions at Manchester.

The humble Petition of Anne [illegible] Haworth of Wham in Shuttleworth Infant

Humbly sheweth:

That yo[u]r Petition[e]rs fath[e]r beinge a listed Souldier vnder Capt[ain] Lawrence Bawstorne Esq[ui]r[e] at his goeinge into Yorkshire vpon the service of this Com[m]onwealth (where hee lost his life) by his will & Testam[en]t bequeathed to yo[u]r petition[er] ou[er] a p[ar]cell of Moore Ground called the Wham containinge by Estimac[i]on 5 Acres of Ground not past the annuall valewe of xxxiii s. iiii d. towards her mainten[a]nce & Education: Out of w[hi]ch shee is to pay ye Annuall Rent of v s. vi d. to ye Lord of ye Manor besides all oth[e]r Layes Taxes & Gaulds. Now soe it is, that Miselayers for the hamell of Shuttleworth w[i]thin the pr[e]cinct whereof this Tenem[en]t is, haue oppressed the said Tenem[en]t in this last Monethly {illegible}e to ye value of one halfe penie in ye Fifteene & {illegible}e theire vsuall Assesse[men]t to the vtter impou[e]rishinge {illegible} Petition[e]r & evill Example of oth[e]r officers of the {illegible}

{illegible} whereof & for that yo[u]r Petition[e]r (beinge an {illegible} slaine in the publique ser{vice} {illegible} yo[u]r {illegible}  noe other mainten[a]nce to subsist v{illegible} by a miselay or of ye said hamell {illegible} in her layes [illegible] humbly d{illegible} her Condic[i]on into Consid[e]rac[i]on {illegible} may bee remedied of this her {illegible} her oppr[e]ssion in her {illegible}

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Anne Haworth

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No known injuries or ailments

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  • Quarter Sessions
    Manchester (Manchester Parish), Lancashire

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  • Unknown

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