The petition of Andrew Abernathy, Scotland, 29 November 1645

To the hon[oura]ble Gouern[o]r of Nottingha[m] Towne & Castle and the hon[oura]ble Comittee of Parliam[en]t Resident at Clare house in Nottingham

The humble petc[ion] of Mr Andrew Abernethy sometime A Captaine in the Scotch Armie & now w[i]th Capt[ain] Thomas Wright


Whereas yo[u]r hon[ou]rs petic[ioner] came out of his owne Cuntrey into this kingdome w[i]th the rest of the Scotch Armie, in good apperell & well accomidated, and marched w[i]th them to Herrefford, where yo[u]r petic[ioner] were taken prisoner & stript of his money & Cloathes, and there remained vntill his Countrey men were marched backe againe, then got his libertie & came to this towne, and durst goe noe further, being fearefull of being taken prisoner againe, Hath remained in this guarrison w[i]th Capt[ain] Thomas Wright by the space of three months and donn faithfull service, (as the hon[oura]ble Gou[e]rn[o]r & all the foot Captains in Nott[ingham] well knoweth) and receauing noe paye all this time, and now yo[u]r petic[oner’s] Contriemen cuminge againe into this County, and yo[u]r petic[ioner] wantinge Cloathes & other necessaries against winter is much discontented & greeved

Wherefore yo[u]r petic[ioner] most humbly praieth, yo[u]r hon[ou]rs to bee pleased, to take his distressed Condic[i]on & poore estate into yo[u]r hon[ou]rs graue Considerac[i]ons, and to grant yo[u]r petic[ioner] sumes means for accomidac[i]on fitting for one of his degree, and as dutie bindeth him hee shall dayly pray for yo[u]r much encrease of hon[ou]rs &c:


This Captaines good service at Shelford deserves some Accomodac[i]on fit for one of his quallity, And though I know the Treasury is something low yet if yow would please to strech it something extraudinarily it will not onely be for his future Encouragement but bring yo[u]r selves into a very good repute amongst old soldiers, & he is very well worthy of good Considerac[i]on, but I shall onely recommend him to yow & remaine

Yo[u]r Servant

J[ohn] Hutchinson

Mr Hough deliu[e]r twenty shillings to Cap[tai]n Abernethy ye peticoner and this shall be yo[u]r war[ran]t this 29th day of November 1645.

Ger[vase] Pigot

Nicho[las] Charlton

<Rec[eive]d twenty shillings accordingly>

An[drew] Abernethie

Key Facts

Date of petition

29 November 1645

Name of petitioner

Andrew Abernathy

Type of petitioner

Maimed Soldier

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

Authority petitioned

  • County Committee
    City and County of Nottingham

Outcome of petition

  • Successful
  • Gratuity 20s
    Pension No Pension
    Frequency No Pension

Petition signature


Further information in this petition

Events mentioned

  • Siege of Hereford, 25 July to 4 September 1645
    Assault on Shelford House, 3 November 1645

Places mentioned

  • Clare House, City and County of Nottingham
  • City and County of Nottingham

People mentioned

Archive information


The National Archives

Shelf mark

SP 28/240/II, fol. 608