The petition against Tomptson of Tunstall, Lancashire, 12 April 1659

To the Worshipfull ye Justices of peace att the Sessions of peace holden att Lanceist[e]r the 12 of Aprill 1659

The pitticion of the p[ar]ishe of Tunstall humblely Sheweth

that whereas John Tomptson a trauellinge Rope maker was prest into Ierland for the towne of Tunstall about eight yeares agoe, And emediately after he was gone his wife Complained (tho w[i]thout cause) to the Justices of peace here that She was vndon for euer except She might haue an order granted for the Releefe of hir and hir Childeren. And therevpon an order was granted for fouer pence in the weeke to be paid from ye whole p[ar]ishe of Tunstall tho the Rest of the townes therein found euery one theire man att that time yett it hath beene paid hidderto [sic] Accordinge to the said order, And because She and hir Childeren is now able to maintaine themselfes and She for hir part is grone to be a very drunken Realinge woman.

Therefore wee the Inhabitance of the said p[ar]ishe humbley desire to be freed of this burden soe longe laid vpon vs Seinge we maintain other poore people amongst vs to our great Charge besids the Releefe they Receue att our housses, And in grantinge this our pittic[i]on wee Shall be euer bound to pray for yo[u]r worships health & well fare &c


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12 April 1659

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No known injuries or ailments

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  • Quarter Sessions
    Manchester (Manchester Parish), Lancashire

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  • Unknown

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  • Ireland

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