The petition of Peirce ap William Pugh of Meifod St George, Denbighshire, 10 July 1660

<Denbigh s[ession]s>

To the right wor[shipfu]ll his Ma[jes]ties Justices of the peace of this Com att the Quarter sessions now present

The humble petic[i]on of Peirce ap W[illia]m Pugh of Myvod St George

Most humblye sheweth That wheras yo[u]r pet[itione]r hath bine form[er]lie a soldier for the service of England, and for that cause was listed amongst other the maymed soldiers to receaue his penc[i]on, w[hi]ch was 40 s. yearlie; Now soe it is that yo[u]r pet[itione]r for this last whole yeare, hath bine visited with extreame sicknesse in soe much that he could not attend in p[er]son to requier his owne soe graunted him by the Court to his expresse wronge and losse,

In tender Considerac[i]on wherof for that yo[u]r pet[itione]r is aged 88 yeares or therabouts and hath 26tie myles to returne to his house and hath not a penie to relieue or comfort him towards his subsistence for the pr[e]sent or the future:

Maie it please yo[u]r worships to comiserate yo[u]r petic[i]on[e]rs sadd Condic[i]on, and if he may not receaue the whole of his arreare of penc[i]on, yet you vouchsafe him some p[ar]te therof for his pr[e]sent Comfort, and to order him to his constant receaving the future p[ar]te of his paye, as yo[u]r wor[shi]ps shall see good, in hope he will not longe be troublesome to anye, in respect of his great age and great infirmities of his bodie

And yo[u]r pet[itione]r shall euer pray for you &c:

to be taken into consider[ation] the next q[ua]rter

Key Facts

Date of petition

10 July 1660

Name of petitioner

Piers ap William Pugh

Type of petitioner

Maimed Soldier

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

Authority petitioned

  • Quarter Sessions
    Wrexham (Wrexham Parish), Denbighshire

Outcome of petition

  • Unknown

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National Library of Wales

Shelf mark

Chirk Castle MS B16c/49