Dr David J. Appleby

Co-Investigator at University of Nottingham

David’s research expertise lies in the post-conflict culture which emerged after the British Civil Wars. He is particularly well known for his work on the military, cultural and religious issues faced by Charles II’s regime after the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660.

David won the Richard L. Greaves Prize in 2010 for his monograph Black Bartholomew’s Day: Preaching, Polemic and Restoration Nonconformity (Manchester, 2007). His articles mapping the experiences of war widows and maimed soldiers include ‘Unnecessary persons? Maimed soldiers and war widows in Essex 1642-1662’ (2001), and ‘Veteran politics in Restoration England, 1660-1670’ (2013).

He and Andrew Hopper have recently co-edited Battle-Scarred: Mortality, Medical Care and Military Welfare in the British Civil Wars (Manchester, 2018).

David is currently completing A Short History of the English Revolution, for the I. B. Tauris Short History series.

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