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‘By a former Order made by this Co[u]rt William Leaver the elder of Aylesbury in this County for his service in the Late Civill Warres hath beene for sev[er]all yeares past hath beene allowed and paide out of this County Stock a Penc[i]on of 6 li. p[er] ann[um] by the Trea[sure]r of the Maymed Souldiers for the tyme being by quarterly paym[en]ts att every Gen[er]all Quarter Sessions Now upon Applicac[i]on made to this Co[u]rt for & on behalfe of the said William Leaver the elder sheweing that he is soe very aged & infirme that he is now no ways able or capable to support or help himselfe. It was therefore prayed that his penc[i]on might be Augmented & from this tyme inlarged Now upon Examinac[i]on into the Case & Circumstances of the said William Leaver It is Ordered by this Court That the Trea[sure]r of & for the Maymed souldiers’ should now pay Leaver £8 per annum, to be paid quarterly from this sessions onward, as well as 2 s. 6 d. for a copy of this order.

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Buckinghamshire Quarter Sessions, High Wycombe, 4 October 1716

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Aylesbury (Aylesbury Parish), Buckinghamshire