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The court being this day informed by the humble petition of Rafe Cowp of Onneley in this county, that about six years and a half ago he was a soldier under the command of Captain Mathew Wright in the County Palatine of Chester, where he had his last abode before the wars; and that at Bartholmley church in the said county of Chester he lost his right eye, his right arm, and had his back broken, and is not yet able to remove himself any further then he is carried by friends. Now in regard of his infirmity (notwithstanding that by ordinance of Parliament he ought to be relieved by the county of Chester where he was last settled before he took up arms) he has latterly been admitted to a pension in this county. It is now further ordered by the court that the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the parish of Madeley shall pay unto the said Rafe Cowp 12 d. a week for his his relief until they shall show good cause to the contrary before the Justices of the Peace of that division at some of their monthly meetings.

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Staffordshire Quarter Sessions, 8 April 1650

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Onneley (Madeley Parish), Staffordshire