The certificate for William Gray of Braintree, Essex, 8 April 1657

Aprill the 8th 1657

I being Desired by one William Gray (who by his ow{n} Relation hath beene a souldier in the Comonwe{alths} service fowerteen years) to take a viue of his Hurtes that weare oc[c]aisoned by his serving in the foresaid {?service}. The which I haue Don, and found them as folows

Wherefor these are to Certiffy all whome it may Conserne that vpon Inspection made I find that the said William Gray is very much Debilitated in his limbs, and infirme of body through through an vlcer that he hath vpon the Joynt of his shoulder, ocaisoned by a surfitt which did settell on that parte, likewise I fine that his Legge hath beene brocken in many peeces, which hath ocaisoned a great imbisiillety in that parte al which I Can Justify to be trew, and shall if your honours please to Command me to it, In wittnese here of I subscribe my hand

Tho[mas] Cosin Barber Chyrurgeon

Key Facts

Date of certificate

8 April 1657

Name of petitioner

William Gray

Type of petitioner

Maimed Soldier

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

Authority petitioned

  • Quarter Sessions
    Chelmsford (Chelmsford Parish), Essex

Outcome of petition

  • Unknown

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