The certificate for Thomas Anstie of Keymer, Sussex, 6 October 1645


are to signifie vnto your Worships yt ye bearer hereof Thomas Anstie alias Hocombe was pressed for a souldier to serue ye state out of ye parish of Keimer, and went vnder Captaine Huxfoord first to Arundel; fro[m] thence to Baseing house where he remained vnder his Colours during ye siege w[hi]ch was ye last sum[m]er before this, yt is now past: bearing his part faithfully with his fellowes, till they drew off: fro[m] hence he marched vnder his colours to ye releife of Weimouth; fro[m] thence [also marching] in ye attempt to take ye island of Portland, he had one of his arms shott off with a Cannon; soe yt being made vnfitt for service he is returned home agayne to ye place where he was pressed; therefore our humble desire to your Worsh[i]ps is, yt you would take his iust case into your favourable concideratio[n] to procure him some maintenance fro[m] ye state; ye man is poore haueing a wife and three children and our poore doe lye very heavy upo[n] us allreadye; yet wee are willing to contribute to his releife: and wee hope you will be well satisfied with this our relation and willing to ease vs something if it may be: and wee shall rest your worships [illegible] all willing and readie service, as wee ought [to be] to be:

Oct[ober]: 6: 1645:

Edmund Attree                       Magnus Byne

John Lunsford

William Lashmer                    Thomas Turner

John Hurst                               James Michell

Thomas Hart                           Nicholas Jenner

Roger Verye

Thomas Jenner

Richard [?Drabell]                  William [?Tomset]

Stephen Anste

Edmund Alexander

Thomas Rensell

Key Facts

Date of certificate

6 October 1645

Name of petitioner

Thomas Ansty

Type of petitioner

Maimed Soldier

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

Authority petitioned

  • Quarter Sessions
    Lewes, Sussex

Outcome of petition

  • Unknown

Petition signature


Further information in this certificate

Events mentioned

  • Siege of Basing House, 4 June to 12 September 1644
    Assault on Portland, 21 to 23 August 1645

Places mentioned

  • Arundel (Arundel Parish), Sussex

People mentioned

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East Sussex Record Office

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