The certificate for Luce verch John of Abergele, Denbighshire, 8 January 1653

To the Right Wor[shipfu]ll the Justices of peace of the Countie of Denbigh.

Wee whose names are subscribed freeholders, & inhabitants of the parish of Abergeley doe att the insetance & request of the bearer Luce vz John of the parish aforesaid certifie your wor[shi]ps that wee were crediblie informed th aswelle by a certifficate vnder Collonell Daniells hand & seale herevnto anexed as by seu[er]all other credible informations that Robert Williames of Abergeley aforesaid a souldior in the States service vnder the Comande of Capt[ain] Aldersey died and Lefte the bearer Luce chardged with two smale children helpelesse which said Robert W[illia]ms being (while he lived amongst vs at Abergeley) a butcher by trade Lived civilly & honesty & mayntayned his said wief and children in a decent way according to his degree. And wee further certifie yo[u]r wor[shi]ps that the bearer Luce and her children have not at present any subsistence but the charitable devotion of theire neighbo[u]rs neither had they any since Robert W[illia]ms the said Luce her husbands death. All w[hi]ch wee make bold to certifie yo[u]r wor[shi]ps And Leave to your grave & charitable considerac[i]ons. this Eighth day of Janu[ar]y in the yeare of our Lord god: 1652.

Gruffith Lloyd

David Vaughan

John ap Hugh Gwynns

Cephas Williames

Griffith Lewis

Jo: Gruffithe

Hugh Griffith

Edward Lewis

12 Jan[uary] 1652

Ordered vpon this certeficate & the contentes of the certifecate of Col[onel] W[illia]m Daniell that Luc vz John of Abergeley (the relict of Rob[er]t W[illia]ms of abergeley who died in the service of the p[ar]liam[en]t) shall for her & her 2 childrens maynetenance) haue out of the maimed soldiers mise fowerty shillings a yeare to be q[uar]terly p[ai]d her vntill further order & to haue her first payment when the account well beare it from the Treasu[re]r this quarter & to continue till further order.

J[ohn] Kynaston

J[oh]n Carter

Sy[mon] Thelwal

Ed[ward] Thelwall

Entr[ed] in boke

Key Facts

Date of certificate

8 January 1653

Name of petitioner

Luce verch John Griffith

Type of petitioner

War Widow

Declared allegiance


Injuries sustained;
ailments experienced

No known injuries or ailments

Authority petitioned

  • Quarter Sessions
    Ruthin (Ruthin Parish), Denbighshire

Outcome of petition

  • Successful
  • Gratuity £0.0s.0d.
    Pension 40s
    Frequency Annual

Petition signature


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National Library of Wales

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Chirk Castle MS B11/2