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The petition of Samuell Constantine of Kettlewell, West Riding of Yorkshire, October 1675

And at Preston’s battle, your petitioner was listed in the regiment of Colonel Mawlham, where your petitioner there got a rupture in his body and his right arm disjointed, whereby the s...


The petition of Michell Powell of Wrexham, Denbighshire, 10 July 1660

...mory in the regiment of Earl Rivers under the command of Captain Edward Jeffreys, at Edgehill battle there and then was shot in the right arm....


The petition of Ann Wallis, Nottinghamshire, 2 April 1647

... That whereas your petitioner is a widow in great distress by the loss of her son at Edgehill battle, who by his labour got her a livelihood, being a man that was very faithful and zealou...


The petition of James Moore of Letwell, West Riding of Yorkshire, January 1699

In which said service, at a battle fought upon Marston Moor, he received many wounds in his head, especially one by a pistol shot, which bullet doth sit in his neck, which is very apparen...


The petition of Robert Prince of Barwick in Elmet, West Riding of Yorkshire, October 1672

...ht Honourable John Lord Bellasse’s regiment of foot in Captain Udal’s company at Edgehill battle, as also in Captain Thweng’s troop in Sir Walter Vavasour’s regiment, as also at P...


The certificate for Thomas Cowpland of Barwick in Elmet, West Riding of Yorkshire, 2 July 1675


The petition against John Walpole of Skillington, Lincolnshire, 1683


The petition of Mawrice Parrye, Denbighshire, 10 July 1660


The petition of Robert Wrigglesworth of Little Thirkleby, North Riding of Yorkshire, 6 October 1691


The petition of Robert Rowell of Skipton, West Riding of Yorkshire, 11 December 1673